The only business magazine in the Principality, Monaco Économie has become a reference magazine in its 25 years of existence. In each issue, it offers an analysis of current events.

A true analysis of the Monegasque economy, it is aimed at all executives, managers and investors in Monaco. Each quarter, you will find the Principality’s most important personalities, news reports and specific advice for informed entrepreneurs.

Sold on newsstands and distributed in strategic locations in the Principality, it is also distributed by name by the MEB (Monaco Economic Board) to all its members (around 750 company directors).

Customer reviews

"Monaco Economie is our reference magazine in the Principality with a rich and relevant content in Monegasque news. More than just a communication tool, it always highlights the important moments of Monaco Informatique Service. Thank you to the whole team for their availability, professionalism and editorial quality!"
Monaco Digital
"We have been working with Davidson Communication for several years. A friendly and always dynamic team that knows our needs. A confidence renewed from year to year. Thank you for your seriousness and professionalism! "
"The partnership between CMB and Monaco Eco enables us to have active and effective communication in THE magazine that covers the Principality's economic news. Already 2 years of satisfaction! The editorial team and commercial support are committed to building a very pleasant relationship while remaining professional. Thank you to the team".
"As an advertiser with Monaco Economie for many years, I appreciate the editorial quality of this magazine, which I always enjoy reading. I also congratulate the entire team, with whom it is always very pleasant to work."